Initial position

The owner who was new to the trade – partially owner-occupied – planned the complete renovation of the kitchen in a conference hotel and resort in Southern Germany. The initial offer by a planning office was given, but the cost estimate did not seem plausible.


The goal was to ensure an optimum price-performance ratio with the rebuilding and renovation. Both the costs from the current offer were to be examined for plausibility as well as the current operational procedures for their suitability. The new kitchen should not only continue to correspond to legal demands and regulations, but also provide shorter paths and efficient operational procedures, which was not the case to date. In addition, the entire renovation was to be carried out during a running operation.


As a first step, we evaluated the present restaurant business (breakfast, A-la-Carte, conferences and banquets) following the revenue and number of the meals to determine the kitchen capacities and concepts. At the same time, a review took place in cooperation with the client and the chef onsite. The present offer for the renovation was evaluated, post-calculated and the initial savings potentials were uncovered.

As a result, HOTOUR developed the requirement profile for the kitchen renovation. With the bid invitations for the renovation coordinated by us, well-chosen, large-scale and hotel kitchen-specialised planning offices independent of manufacturer were approached. The submitted offers were evaluated by us and were comparably processed for decision-making by the client. HOTOUR supported the client in the choice of the most suitable planning office.

In the more concrete planning phase and with our own architect, HOTOUR took over the coordination between the client, the planning office and the authorities onsite (industry supervision, hygiene). Through an efficient planning – tight control of the individual works and the conversion of an available satellite kitchen into a full kitchen – costly kitchen equipment could be saved and continue to be further used as functional equipment.


As a result of efficient planning, the new, completely renovated kitchen could be finished in time, fell below the existing quote by just under 40% and the renovation during the running operation could be carried out. The working processes and operational procedures could be considerably optimised through the logical arrangement of the individual areas. The working paths became shorter and the service sequences were improved; today, the new kitchen fulfils all official regulations. In addition, the available satellite kitchen could be equipped as an additional full kitchen with the help of the functional equipment from the former main kitchen.