Today owner-managed hotels often face unique challenges. The rising number of chain affiliated hotels and growing customer expectations increasingly put pressures on them. Even in turbulent market situations, individual and customized hotel concepts have great chances of success, if their owners manage to keep the business up-to-date. The related need for capital requires a continuous and trustful relationship with the financing bank. With its long-standing experience HOTOUR is aware of the challenges facing private hoteliers on the one hand and the requirements of the lender on the other. Our mission is to ensure that owner-managed hotels remain on the winning streak or find their way back there.

Frequently asked questions:

How are the success chances of my hotel over the short, medium and long term?

An analysis of weaknesses or SWOT analysis evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the business but above all, unexploited potential will be examined.

How do I find a buyer for my hotel?

Following a brief hotel check, this issue is best to be clarified during a personal consultation session. In our role as consultants we inform our clients about the potential opportunities and risks of the sale and provide them with individual advice.

How do I prepare for negotiations with my financing bank?

Thanks to our excellent contacts to leading banks HOTOUR provides advice during the search for a suitable financing partner, drafts the appropriate hotel-specific documents for the loan application and prepares the required appraisals according to the specifications of the financing bank. For preparatory reasons a brief glance at our Checklist might also be helpful to get an idea about important criteria leading to successful financing.

The financing bank requests a business plan. What needs to be done?

Banks often require a business plan to verify whether a hotel concept is viable in the long run. In order to check if the product positioning, operating concept, personnel planning, marketing concept and efficiency of an existing hotel or project are feasible, we review the operator’s or borrower’s business plan and verify its plausibility. We support the hotelier in drafting the business plan or in assessing the plausibility of existing business plans.

Is the purchase of a particular hotel advisable?

This question can be initially answered through a hotel check. In case of a positive result a more comprehensive hotel-specific due diligence can verify the plausibility of the purchase.

Is the purchase price of a specific hotel appropriate?

If the initial review confirms a price scope that seems feasible to the investor, then the purchase price can be verified in detail within a value appraisal.

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