Project Development

  • Conceptual Design

    from the location assessment to the feasibility study

    Feasibility Studies

    from the investment volume to the yield

  • Operator Search

    from the screening to the operator’s contract

  • Financing

    from the choice of a suitable bank to successful financing

    Lease Reviews

    from the economic efficiency forecast to the profitability calculation

  • Project & Development Services

    from the concept through to FF&E consultation and up to the opening


  • Transaction Services

    from the investor search to the (portfolio) transaction

    Appraisal Reports

    from the economic efficiency analysis to the financing

    Asset Management

  • Operational Reviews

    from the quick check to the valuation

    Hotel Check

    from the location analysis to the action recommendation

  • Business Plan Analysis

    production and evaluation of business plans

  • Operational Consulting

    from the business plan to the entrepreneurial success


    ongoing support for the optimisation of the results during operation

  • Operator Monitoring

    continuous determination of well-founded data and reporting to the financing banks

    Controlling & Reporting Services

    from the determination of key economic performance figures to the production of a business plan

  • Change of Management / Operator

    from the decision for a change to a suitable successor

    Operator Search & Contract Negotiations

    from the establishment of contact with hotel groups to the decision-making

  • Transaction Services

    from the contract creation to the financing

    Due Diligence

    from the analysis of strenghts and weaknesses to the transaction decision

    Workout and Restructuring

  • Restructuring

    from the turnaround concepts up to the negotiations with the bank


  • Value Recovery Services

    from the problem sourcing up to the renovation concepts

  • Workout Strategy & Development

    from the implementaion of turnaround concepts up to the successful renovation or sale

  • Interim Management

    from the action planning up to the increasing of profitability

  • Repositioning

    from the new concept to the implementation of the business and marketing plans

  • Sale & Change of Management

    from the contract creation up to the financing