Detecting weaknesses and creating solutions

Hotels are capital-intensive properties that are usually highly dependent on external financing. Due to high operational fixed costs, especially personnel expenses, the industry is prone to crisis:

  • triggered through an incorrect evaluation of market conditions, increased competitive pressures or insufficient marketing activities,
  • hidden through non-existing or inefficient controlling mechanisms,
  • evoked and accelerated by incorrect or delayed investments not conform with market requirements.


The first priority in restructuring the business is to rebuild liquidity and to avoid insolvency.


  • After detecting internal and external inefficiencies, a turnaround concept is being developed, acting as the basis for the sustainable profitability of the business.
  • Through our Interim-Management services, HOTOUR guides underperforming hotel businesses from the analysis of the financial situation to the implementation phase, thereby recommending immediate actions and medium to long-term measures to protect the business.
  • We develop Restructuring Analysis, concepts for debt rescheduling as well as Bank Financing and lead bank negotiations in our clients’ interest.
  • We implement restructuring plans, assist during the Investor Search and manage the business through one of our interim managers until the restructuring or the sale of the hotel is completed.

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Renovation and Sale

Resort upper-scale category
Developmental implementation of operational renovation concepts and the succession planning or sale in the medium term.


4-star superior hotel in a German secondary location
Option analysis, consulting and investor search