The first project idea

Through an initial Quick Check followed by a Pre-Feasibility Study we assess whether the available site is suitable for a hotel and if the competitive market conditions actually legitimate a new hotel. This in turn depends on the right product – since not every hotel concept has a crowding-out potential. Therefore our next important step is the operational concept of the hotel, the type and size of the operation and the definition of the operator’s concept. By applying a simplified economic forecast, we can give a first indication of the expected cash flow or lease potential. By doing so, the basis for the Operator Search is set. Thanks to our excellent industry contacts, we can assist you in the search process of finding a suitable operator or provide support during Contract negotiations.

The conception

In the next step, the conception will be translated into a Room and function program, which will be used by the architect as a basis for rough planning, which is alternatively useable in the sense of a different operator. After that, we develop an estimation of investment costs and perform more accurate profitability forecast. At this point of the project, we deliver the Feasibility Study to the customer which acts as the basis for Bank Financing and the Investor Search.

The construction

During the construction phase, we moderate between the economic interests of the developer and the claims of the operator through our Planning and Construction Supervision. We coordinate the Purchasing of FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment), which is often a significant hurdle for investors unfamiliar with the hotel industry and is tailor-made in regard to conception and operator.

Ten Crucial Errors in Hotel Project Development

Satisfied Customers

Success Stories

Project Conception, Development & Support

Development of a four star hotel in a tourist greenbelt recreation area.


Lindner Park-Hotel Hagenbeck
Advising the project initiator on the development of a theme hotel