On the one hand, surveys are being used as a basis for the validation, financing and marketing of hotels and hotel projects. On the other hand, they are the foundation for the revitalision or purchase of portfolio properties.

Thanks to our experienced team members we can offer different services connected to the valuation of hotel properties. At HOTOUR, Martina Fidlschuster is an official expert in hotels and guesthouses appointed by the CCI Frankfurt (chamber of commerce).

Studies are needed in every phase of the hotel lifecycle. The most noteworthy are:

Pre-Feasibility Study and Feasibility Study for new projects

Sound standing studies are indispensable for the analysis and evaluation of project ideas, conception of new or existing hotels and the verification of the project feasibility.

Appraisal Reports for the purchase, sale and financing

Expert reports are necessary to determine the sustainable rent or cash flow and the capitalized income value of a hotel. Furthermore they are of particular importance within the transaction process and form the basis for financing.

Analysis of Weaknesses and Restructuring analysis within crisis

Before initiating actions to stabilize or restructure a business during a crisis, a profound analysis of the status quo is essential and is usually requested by the financing institutes.

Hotel Market Study / Local Districts for municipalities and regions

In order to win project partners – project developers, operators and investors – for a hotel settlement, professionally prepared and informative material is essential. Studies from an objective and well-established consulting company like HOTOUR helps our clients to accelerate the often tedious process of winning suitable project partners.

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Detailed evaluation of the business model, business plan, expansion strategy and hotel portfolio for an investor


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Elaboration of a detailed and extensive purchase plausibility check within the scope of a hotel transaction